We built our business on purpose

Graham Massey & Steve Fuller

We set up The House 22 years ago. In our first decade we worked with some of the biggest names in the drinks, retail and entertainment industry, including Johnnie Walker, Diageo and Swatch.

Working with global brands was a lot of fun, and we sure learned a lot. But one day, about 12 years ago, we had a light-bulb moment. 

How much more fun could we have if we used our skills to help businesses and brands become a force for good?

It was an irresistible thought. Sure enough, we took the leap and decided to put purpose at the heart of our company. This meant picking up the phone and kissing goodbye to 70% of our turnover (right at the start of a global recession!), transforming our business model and taking a big leap into the dark.

Well, it was never going to be easy. But was it worth it? You bet.

Our hunch was right: the world has woken up to the massive business opportunity that lies in tackling our biggest challenges. Twelve years on, and we are part of a global movement of creative and inspired business leaders on a mission to solve big problems, make money, and have fun. We work with an amazing band of passionate and talented associates, and wake up every day excited to help businesses make more good things happen.

Our People

The House brings a talented team of creative, strategic, leadership, business and brand experts under one roof. Drawn from diverse backgrounds, we are united in our belief that business can and should be a force for good.

About Us

Find out what we're made of by exploring our crest

The House - Built on Purpose The Crown and the Warm House Crossed Swords Heart on Fire Compass Scales Tea and Coffee Tea and Coffee Lion Unicorn Key Arrow Eagle Dove

The Crown and the Warm House

We came across a Finnish word that fits us perfectly: Sisu, the grit and tenacity that spurs you on through the metre-deep snow towards the promise of a warm house at the end.

Crossed Swords

Every great story has a battle, that moment of truth where the hero has to make a stand for what they believe in. We have come through a number of battles both stronger and wiser – we may even show you the scars!

Heart on Fire

The House is an agency with a heart of fire. We are lit up by our shared goal of making brand a force for good and helping you thrive by unleashing the power of purpose.


Our purpose is our compass: it drives us on, keeps us true to ourselves and points us in the right direction every day. Every business needs one!


Our scales help us calculate whether the chance to work with a new client or take on a new project will lift our hearts. If so, we know we will be totally committed and passionate from beginning to end.

Tea and Coffee

We celebrate difference and debate, contrast and challenge. We meet you where you are and build great business ideas through honest and frank dialogue.

Tea and Coffee

We celebrate difference and debate, contrast and challenge. We meet you where you are and build great business ideas through honest and frank dialogue.


Pride, courage and leadership, all in one animal. Our lion symbolises the courage of our conviction – a conviction built on our shared values and common goal.


Our unicorn signifies the magic of what we do: the playfulness, curiosity and creativity that we bring to our work.


We unlock the imagination and inspire you to let purpose and meaning unleash growth, invention and innovation.


The arrow points to the “top right hand corner”… the new “bottom right hand corner”. We believe that looking upwards and imagining what’s possible is the best way to unlock growth potential.


We are strategic and eagle-eyed – this ensures that you never miss a growth opportunity or a competitor’s change in direction.


At The House, we say “clarity brings peace”. The dove of peace represents the sense of calm and focused determination that arises once a business finds its true purpose.