Our work



Creating a long-term business and brand strategy for one of the UK's most successful franchise owners.


thebestof started as a national franchise network of local websites selling advertising space to local business people. It soon become the fastest growing franchise in the UK. However, when we were approached by the local franchise holder to join the site, we declined as we felt the consumer appeal was limited and that it was no more than a site populated by advertisers paying to say that they were ‘the best’. He took this view to the company’s board. They accepted our challenge and employed us to work on a revised brand and business strategy.

What we did

The House worked with two teams, the franchise owner and a selection of some of the most successful and more vocal franchisees to determine the values, purpose and vision for thebestof. The outcome was transformational, completely repositioning the brand and the business offer.

We wrote a brand ‘fairy tale’ and produced a short film to communicate this transformation to the franchisee network. Each owner received full brand guidelines, design templates, exhibition material, plus a range of communication tools from door drop mailers to advertising.

Did it work?

350 franchisees immediately re-signed to the new business model with a long term view - revenues and local site traffic continues to grow. The brand is clearly repositioned with a clear role in the community and a distinct point of difference. thebestof is now highly visible in the local marketplace and holds an unassailable position as the UK’s strongest referral network.

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