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Kitchen Devils

Kitchen Devils

Helping a brand of yesterday to be relevant today and everyday.


We were introduced to Kitchen Devils by their PR agency. Both parties had recognised that the media plan had become a little samey and that is was neither shifting opinion nor volume.

What we did

We invited the key decision makers in the business and the senior members of the PR team to work with us as a cross-functional ‘brains trust’. We constructed and steered an intensive two day brand audit, interrogating customer opinion, brand vision, business case and competitive landscape. We captured what had made the brand great in the first place and remembered who had bought the products and why, we reignited passion and confidence in the team and most importantly used this clarity to reposition Kitchen Devils for today’s consumer.

Did it work?

As a direct result of our work, Kitchen Devils is now the most successful branded knife in ASDA. The Kitchen Devils brand delivered a sales increase of triple digit growth. Five years on we now work across the entire Fiskars UK product portfolio, developing ways to increase distribution, visibility and sales.

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