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A real life example of turning a business threat into a growth opportunity.


Fiskars is a 360 year old tool maker from Finland and the global no.1 in garden hand tools. For 30 years Fiskars had produced garden tools for the UK under a license agreement with Wilkinson Sword. In 2009, we were appointed by the Fiskars’ team to help manage the brand migration from Wilkinson Sword to Fiskars.

What we did

Our first task was to set a clear vision and strategy and ‘take the workforce’ with us. We developed internal material and a launch day to communicate the positives of the change in a series of presentations to key trade personnel that culminated in visits to Fiskars’ production plant in Finland.

Customers were updated via a dedicated web portal, a monthly newsletter, and regular PR and advertising in the garden trade press. Trade activity was supplemented by consumer advertising, in-store point of sale, a heavy-weight PR campaign and a garden reclamation initiative entitled ‘Orange Thumb’, complete with its own microsite.

Did it work?

Fiskars is the selected premium hand tool brand for B&Q; extending distribution to include Dobbies and Tesco. The brand has gone on to dominate the ‘better and best’ range in an increasing number of major garden specialists and evolving trade relationships have borne valuable marketing partnerships, with Fiskars often acting as a co-promoter in seasonal and category promotions.

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