@lou_zed @CarbonGold @craigsams1 is an inspiration, we’re sure you and he would get along famously

@wastefighter Get your gardening gloves on some of this from a fellow @BCorpUK @CarbonGold

@BCorpUK @douglaslamont @innocent @pipandnut The House word of the year? Bravery. The world needs braver leaders, b……

@BCorpUK @pichette Probably our favourite provocation of the day

The House closes it doors tonight and they reopen on the morning of 6th January 2020 - may we wish everyone a festi……

@BCorpUK As we enter the year of ‘perfect’ vision, worth asking yourself what your legacy could be

@BCorpUK @VitaCocoUK We’re coco nuts about the last B Corp!

@JamesTCobbler Not sure the world needs much more than trust and kindness BUT boy do we need a ton of it right now!

How well do you know the city you work in? @tedxbath2020 @CreativeBath @visitbath @BathEcho

@Leapness And be thankful to those around us who inspire great ways of being

@Leapness @BCorpUK @xandwhyspace @NSPCC @QbicLondon @landcostudio @ccchangemakers Loving the work you’re doing on behalf of all of us!